X adjectives - Webster's Dictionary
adjectives that start with xa
of, relating to, or tending toward a yellow color
having yellow fruit
having a yellowish or fair complexion
having a yellowish discoloration
having yellow seeds

adjectives that start with xe
relating to hospitality between host and guest
relating to a medium that contains unidentified organisms
a substance that is foreign to the body of a living organism
friendly to strangers
of, relating to, or produced by cross-fertilization
originating in or obtained from another species
generation of offspring markedly different from either parent
originating in or obtained from another species
being caused by an external or foreign body
a rock of different origin from the rock in which it is embedded
having a form that is different from the normal or expected
relating to an attraction to foreign people and customs
having abnormal fear of foreigners or strangers
reproducing only in cells other than those of the host species
developing or growing in a dry habitat
of, pertaining to, or living in a dry habitat
relating to xerography (a photocopying process)
relating to any of the structural adaptations to dry habitat
adapted for a hot dry habitat
having little or no capacity to survive in drought conditions
relating to a dry, thickened condition of the eyeball
adapted to a dry environment
dry and hot
relating to the abnormal dryness of bodily tissues

adjectives that start with xi
having sword-shaped leaves
of or pertaining to the order Xiphosura

adjectives that start with xy
of, or relating to wood, especially xylem
relating to a hard and woody fruit like coconut
living on wood
relating to the art of engraving on wood
resembling or having the qualities of wood
fond of wood
relating to xylophone
capable of cutting or boring into wood
printed using wooden blocks

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